It's like having your auditor looking at every document

Join the businesses already using Docuflow to scan, digitize and organise their companies documents getting the required segregation of duties when signing off documents and giving you the peace of mind that you have full control over your business expenses all the time!

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Go paperless with docuflow

Document Organization

Documents flow into the system automatically via an email, limiting the number of envelopes or printing of documents required

Vat Preperation

Claim your VAT once the document arrives into the docuflow system, not when your creditors person has captured the document when received from your management


Various standard reports to help and assist your accountant to know exactly what is happening, giving you better, quicker feedback on your business

Proper backup

All documents are stored in the cloud in a two backup storage system always ensuring that your documents are always available

Approve and Track Documents

On the go, anywhere, anytime a company employee can go in and approve, track, run a report on any document and see where it is, what happened to it and who signed it

Standardized Account Posting

With the ability to attach standard account posting onto suppliers, it helps to allow your numbers to come through more consistent giving you a better comparison

Better Control, Faster handling

Reduce the risk for fraud, handle the document faster without losing track of the document at any stage and have full control of the document

Avoid duplication of documents

The system keeps an eye out for you to ensure that you do not pay an document twice by mistake and ensures that only approved documents are paid


Allows the system to determine if a document needs to flow through to a supervisor, to review the document before it is paid. Easy to setup, better control again for top management

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